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Plant Spirit Reiki - with Fay Johnstone

July 10, 2021 Pamela Allen-LeBlanc, LRMT / Fay Johnstone Season 2 Episode 28
Reiki from the Farm™
Plant Spirit Reiki - with Fay Johnstone
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UK’s Fern Johnstone, author of “Plant Spirit Reiki” explains how Plant Reiki evolved and shared ideas with us about how we can incorporate Reiki with plants into our daily lives then leads us in a meditation where we move into balance with the plants and with the earth.

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Plant Reiki podcast


Pam: On this week's podcast, I am talking with Fay Johnstone. [00:01:00] Fay is a Shamanic herbalist, a Reiki teacher and author. She helps earth conscious healers reconnect to plants and nature as spiritual allies so that they can feel more aligned with their true nature and more confident expressing their innate healing gifts.

Fay is the author of two books, "Plants that Speak, Souls that Sing" about transforming your life with the spirit of plants. And a book called "Plant Spirit Reiki," energy healing with the elements of nature. She is also the founder of the Plant Spirit Reiki School and offers online training, healing, and events from her home in Scotland, in the United Kingdom.

Welcome today Fay. 

Fay: it's lovely to be here. Thank you. 

Pam: I'm so glad you're here before we begin. I'd just like to let you know about a couple of the things we have going on at the farm. Our Reiki Master Mentor session is about to begin a new [00:02:00] six month segment in July. You do not have to have attended the previous sessions to join us.

So if you need some assistance as a Reiki Master stepping out into the world with your business, sharing Reiki with others, I invite you to join us. I'll put a link to that in the podcast. I also want to let you know that I have ICRT Licensed Reiki Level One and Two, Master and Karuna Reiki Master classes in July and in August, I have an Animal Reiki Practitioner Class, and Animal Reiki, Master Class, and also an Animal Communication class in an Australian friendly time zone, which means it's a bit shorter days, evenings here in North America, early mornings in Australia. So if that works for you in August, I'd love to have you join us.

Fay, do you have any offerings that you'd like to let people know about [00:03:00] today? 

Fay: I run  a monthly plant circle, which might be of interest to those plant inspired listeners, at the end of each month. And we work with a different plant each month.

So that's quite fun to attend, to dip your toe into. We're learning about plant magic and plant energies. And I'm also running my Reiki Levels One and Two, they're all taking place online. As is my Shamanic Reiki courses with the drum. They can enroll at any time. And also my Plant Spirit Reiki Level One Training, that is an ongoing enrollment as well for those classes.

Pam: Fantastic. And I should have mentioned that my training are all online as well at this time too. Fay, that's fantastic I actually think I'm going to need to join you for some of those. 

I'd like to start today with an invocation. So I just invite everyone to bring your hands into Gassho [00:04:00] with your thumbs at your heart. And just activate your Reiki, energy, inviting any symbols that you have, to join you today.

And today, as we connect with the plants that have fed us, provided nourishment to us since the beginning of time, we invite the Reiki energy to flow through us. 

And we invite the energy of the earth to flow up through the bottoms of our feet, through all of our chakras, all the way up through our crown chakra and through our soul star, above our head.

At the same time, the Reiki energies flow down through the soul star, into all of our [00:05:00] chakras and into the earth and the earth star below our feet.

Can I just invite everybody to consider for a moment, the connection that we have with plants?

Plants provide the oxygen that we breathe. And the nourishment that allow us to live life on this beautiful planet. Not only that, they provide the beauty that is all around us, and we are so grateful to them for all that they do for us today. 

We're going to explore some [00:06:00] ways that we can give back to them that we can connect, acknowledge, and appreciate the plants

and just pay attention to see if they too appreciate their connection with us.

I invite you to open your heart

and open yourself to listen beyond with your ears, listening and sensing the energy that flows through the talk today, the energy of the plants and the energy of the earth.

And we give thanks to our ancestors who have worked with [00:07:00] the plants, the food plants and the medicine plants. Since the beginning of time,

sometimes we get caught up in the definition of man made versus natural products. And the earth reminds us that everything we create comes from the earth.

Even when it is labeled man-made and we appreciate and acknowledge the gifts that the earth and the plants have to give us.

Aho. Namaste and Amen.

Is there [00:08:00] anything you'd like to add to that Fay? 

Fay: That was so useful. And what I'm sensing as well is apart from a lot of excitement from the plants is that  so many plants are really full of life at this time of year, in the Northern hemisphere.

And so just honoring that great Sun really brings life to the plants and to us. And so  bringing that space in and bringing in our ancestors who have worked the land and who have had these sacred connections with the land and the plants and that the old ways of knowing and the sacred relationship and just opening to that really. That remembering that within our, within ourselves, within our memories, bringing that into this space as well.

Thank you. 

Pam: Thank you Fay. 

Fay, I just want to let the listeners know how I [00:09:00] found out about you. Teaching the Animal Reiki class way back, my very first pilot class in December of 2019, several of the students could really feel the energy of the plants trying to come through. And the interest in the plant energy as we were working with the animal energy.

And I acknowledged that, because I could feel it too, but I said, I'm definitely not the right person to write the Plant Reiki book, even though I love plants. I'm a gardener, I'm an agricultural scientist. We studied plants in depth, but I really have been more about the animals. Recently, I taught my first Animal Reiki Master class, the pilot class. And once again, people could feel the energy of the plants asking to be acknowledged and underneath and [00:10:00] underlying the energy of the Animal Reiki. And one of the students said there is a book about Plant Reiki, Fay Johnstone wrote it, and she held it up and we all scribbled down your name and went out and bought your book.

 I was absolutely delighted to find out that this book already exists and that you have already been communicating with the plants. Can you tell me a little bit about your Reiki journey and how it led to that? 

Fay: Certainly I love that story. That's so great. The way that we always get shown  where we need to follow.

So my Reiki journey, goodness gracious.  I've been practicing Reiki for over 20 years, and I'm sure many listeners listening will have had a similar experience in that when you first are attuned to Reiki, you really do have no idea of the path that it's going to lead you on. And to, I say all the time, Reiki [00:11:00] led me to the plants and it was as if  Reiki gave me  the permission button for me to open my heart and to follow what brings me joy. And follow where my passion is.  Before I did Reiki, I blocked all of that. I just did what I felt was expected of me, or I went through patterns of conditioning and so on. And so what Reiki did for me was  it was like this bright light coming on. That very gradually started burning and showing me different ways that I could be and live and express myself.

You start on your Reiki journey and you really have no idea what it's going to open up for you and where it's going to lead. We think, oh yeah, I'm learning Reiki and I,  I don't know what I imagined, but it certainly wasn't,  imagining myself running a flower farm and writing books about plants and learning all about herbal medicines [00:12:00] and so on. And so for me, Reiki opens up this magical world of plants that I really, I had no idea that this was going to be my path. And that was really magical for me.  

So what happened for me is like many people, I learned Reiki and I got super excited by it. So  I wanted to learn  my Reiki level two as soon as possible and got all excited about it. And I was working in my regular nine to five job and doing Reiki on the side, lots of self-treatment. And occasionally I was confident enough to say to someone, "Hey, guess why I do this amazing thing. Do you want to try Reiki?" I was really the most unconfident person in the world about Reiki. So Reiki has been very slow. And what happened for me is I reached this crunch point. I had this, I wouldn't like a dark night of the soul, but it really was just a moment where I had a meltdown and I realized that my life was just not making me happy. And I had all those things that  I thought was [00:13:00] what success meant. High heels and matching handbags, and a nice apartment with some friends and a job that  seemed really exciting on the outside, but on the inside, I just, wasn't very happy at all. And this moment when I had my meltdown was on a street in Paris funnily enough, cause this is where I was living in at the time in France. And I started to really lean into, " Okay, come on, I've got to help myself feel, what can I do?"

And so I started to really, take my Reiki seriously.  I started to journal. I started to meditate. I started to self practice more and more, and really daily, I was like, this is helping me. I'm going to do this. And  something needs to shift. And I know it's inside of me.

And one day after I was coming back from this lovely time and in a beautiful French cafe by myself, journaling and, writing affirmations and all that kind of stuff, that's just gets you going. And I walked out of the cafe and I, this shop just [00:14:00] caught my attention.

It was full of plants, full of flowers.  And I went into the shop and I bought as many plants as I could take home with me. And I looked after them. I cared for them. And this is really the moment where I let the plants in. And before this, I had no idea about plants.

I didn't even look at them really. I just knew that like some flowers, were red, some were yellow, some were purple. I had no idea. I thought it was something that my mom was into, and herbs and so on. And this was this turning point for me. And it was like, Reiki was giving me this permission button to follow my heart and to really open up to what brings me joy.

And so for me, it turned out to be plants. And if you fast forward for a year, from that point in time, I moved back to the UK. I wasn't living in a city anymore. I was living in a small town in the countryside. I had a home with a garden and I was growing with vegetables. I was foraging for fruits [00:15:00] and I was making medicines, I'm studying herbal medicine.

I done a 360 from this city, party girl to grounded earth, mama. And that was Reiki, you know Reiki opened the door for me for that. It was through my Reiki practice. And I really, I am so grateful for Reiki for awakening that within me. 

I shifted jobs. I started to work for a conservation company. I didn't hide the fact that I did Reiki anymore. They all used to tease me, but they would still have Reiki and we would joke about it, and then from there on, those plants, they took the lead and we actually ended up and again, listeners are gonna relate to this.

It was not long after I was attuned to my Reiki Master. Level that a really big shift happened. And we moved to Nova Scotia and set up an organic flower and herb farm. And it was at that point then that, the real learning with the plants began.  Real awakening, listening to those whispers, [00:16:00] spend time with them, communicating with them and really allowing them to show me what was needed for my life and my practice.

  They were my teachers.  I wrote about that in my first book "Plants that Speak, Souls that Sing", saying that without the guide to awakening to the spirit of the plants. 

Pam: That's incredible.  You were guided to  write that book and create a Plant Reiki Course. Can you tell us about that? 

Fay: Yeah. So Plant Spirit Reiki came about because we were running the farm and I had my treatment space on the farm too. And I started to notice that the plants really wanted to be part of the treatments. They wanted to be in the space somehow. And you know what,  you just go, okay, I'm just following my curiosity here. This feels like it needs to happen. So I would start by introducing, a vase of flowers in the treatment space or some herbs or an essential oil, or have a room spray that had a flower essence. All these [00:17:00] different types of things.

And I noticed that the plants always generated a story with the client, which then always generated a kind of release. There was an emotional side shift and it was as if the plants were working with the Reiki to bring about this healing. And they were expanding this portal for which the Reiki, there was some kind of facilitation happening.

I don't really, understand it, but it was there. It was real. And the plants were asking for more and I started to really document and write down. So that's how the book came about was I thought "let's just write this down" because, I thought I couldn't be the only one that does this or that. It feels guided by the plants in this way.

And then I really just wanted to share it.  I thought you  know what? Actually I think the Reiki community at the moment, it's just actually super exciting because Reiki is flowing through all of us in a slightly different way. And it was when I [00:18:00] started to really follow my intuition  that Reiki opened up for me.  I need to honor this. And I was running lots of plant workshops about helping people connect with plants.  I realized, you know what? I won't be 100% authentic here because actually when I work with plants, yes, I worked shamanically, and I meditate and so on, but really because I'm attuned to Reiki, I've been practicing Reiki for over 20 years, I am Reiki.

So it felt inauthentic to me to not put in the Reiki piece and say, actually, I'm giving Reiki. We're in the Reiki space here when I'm with the plants.  That's really where I am. And so that's how "Plant Spirit Reiki "came about. I thought, I want to share this and to get more people  confident going yeah, "you think those plants are talking to you? Well they are, and they have something to say and they have a lot of wisdom to share with you. So it's okay. Go for it, feel your way." And I'm just sharing in my book, how I do it. [00:19:00] And obviously that's what I teach in my practitioner level one course, which is out now. Is just really giving people that foundation because it takes time to build relationships with the plants because for so long were have a bit of an us and them thing happening. 

We sit inside in our nice centrally heated homes and look through the window at the natural world. Well then really what we're doing with " Plant Spirit Reiki" is we're bridging that gap with bringing back that connection. 

Pam: So Fay, what are some of the things that showed up in your book and your course?  What were some of the things that the plants wanted us to know?

Fay: So one of the things I've already noticed is ,I think when people think of plant Reiki, they think automatically of giving Reiki to plants and yes, this is amazing. And we do this, just like we want to give Reiki to a person or an animal.  And because Reiki is [00:20:00] such a gift, we can do this in so many different ways.

So we don't have to just place our hands on the plant. We can be very creative about sending Reiki, especially to plants and places that are endangered or in need of our Reiki  to boost their  frequency. We can be really creative in doing that. Yes, that's a really big part of it.

But  as I went into this kind of connection with the plants, I realized there was a  several different elements or pathways within plant Reiki. And so for me, one of these  is working in a kind of healing partnership with the plant. So breathing, merging and being with the plants.

We realized that as much as we can offer Reiki as a gift, the plant has a lot to offer us in terms of its energetic medicine. And so this is one aspect of working with the plants and Reiki is we really get into a healing relationship with the plant and the plant becomes an ally for our [00:21:00] personal healing.

And also this comes to this other aspect of the Plant Spirit Reiki path, which is when we intuitively work with plants and their energy  within our client's treatments, and this aspect, we are calling on the specific energetics and that specific frequency of a plant to be with us in the treatment.

 If we have a bunch of flowers, let's say we have roses with us in the treatments space, we can physically have those plants with us, but if we are connected with the plant, how we know the plant energetically, and we've met this energy and we're familiar with it, and we can call on that with prayer just as we invite Reiki to flow through us or our treatments. I've found also that we can invoke the spirit of the plants and specific allies that we have got to know a work with.

We can ask them to be with us in the space and bring their energy to a treatment for specific needs. And this is where the [00:22:00] journey in a sense becomes quite deep and intuitive because it involves really: you getting to know different plants on different levels as allies for you in your practice.  And that's a really exciting path to be on because the relationship really deepens and you get to know plants that can help you and help your clients with so many different issues. Whether it's emotional issues or specific symptoms or specific challenges, that there's so much to plant medicine.

And this is why I love to work with plants because what's wonderful about plants is that for me, they're all encompassing so we can work with them physically. We can go for example, and stand under a tree. And feel its energy.  It can help us feel rooted and grounded and strong.

We can make an herbal infusion drink, a herbal tea, ingest plants through our [00:23:00] food and so on. We can make medicines out of plants and tinctures and flower essences with their energetic frequency. We can have inspirational photographs and amazing landscape pictures in our Reiki spaces. Or we can make amazing alters with plants that are in season and elements of nature, like seashells and feathers and leaves and flowers and so on.

But also if we don't have any of these, but if we have this connection with nature , then we can call on the ally  in spiritual, as a guide that is in the unseen world. So this for me is why plants are such versatile allies for us because we can influence them with prayer, but then we can feel, see, and hug them and connect with them in their physical form.

And this actually for me, it's very supportive and nurturing, to feel the [00:24:00] bark of a tree, to smell the beautiful aroma, of an essential oil from a plant, which I love. And so this is, just so versatile and we can get really creative and inspired by them as we allow their magic to work through us.

And this is one of the elements that I love teaching as we get deeper into Plant Spirit Reiki is to really encourage practitioners to open up, allow the plants, really to guide them as to  how specifically they want to express themselves through the practitioner and how that translates into the practice and benefits the client.

And there's just so many different ways that we can craft if you like through plant medicine and the magic of plants. 

Pam: I love that. Thank you. Do you have any ideas for the listeners of some simple techniques or practices that they can incorporate each day with plants, just to begin the process of [00:25:00] getting to know them a bit better.

Fay: Yeah, certainly. So it starts really with this acknowledgement, like remembering this sacred relationship that we've been alluding to. So if you have your house plants or plants in your garden or your yard, just remembering to greet them as a friend. As a conscious being. As an intelligent life form. Because plants have been around on this planet way, way longer than humans have, and we've forgotten that.

 So we're already in this state of disharmony. And that's  the path that we're walking on when we walk on the plant's path  is the path of humility. We're bringing back the balance. And this is why Reiki is really helpful.

So that just something really simple that you can do is that acknowledgement. If you pass a tree on your way to work, that looks beautiful or, wow. Why don't you tell that tree? Thank you. You look amazing. Or I love the scent of [00:26:00] your flowers. You're beautiful. Just that gratitude, that frequency, that vibration of gratitude is actually gratitude and appreciation and love.

That's the frequency of the plants. That's how they are at the level that they're operating on. So if we want to communicate with them, if we want to start to bring their medicine and magic into our lives, that's where we start. We start with the simple, honoring. And how better to honor your relationship and show your gratitude to the plants around you than by giving Reiki? In a way we're blessed as Reiki practitioners. We don't have to necessarily carry offerings with us because we have Reiki. We have the gift of Reiki that we can share if it feels appropriate. If it feels right. So I guess step one is recognize the plants around you as beings who have this intelligence and wisdom within them. [00:27:00] And you know that, you want to get to know them better.

So  step one is start to say hi, introduce yourself, care for them, ask them what they need. And I think the mistake we make as humans, particularly when we get really excited about plant medicine or gardening and so on is we want to know, oh, what's this plant good for? What is, what can this plan do for me?

And actually the attitude that we want to have is what can I do for you? Show me how I can help you. Show me what is needed here. And that  helps to right the balance if you like. Because we don't need to talk now about how as humans we are, we're ravaging the earth. But we all know that  we will see that in our daily lives.

So this is helping to bring back that balance  and honor that sacred relationship. And with Reiki, we can have a lot of fun with that. And  maybe, it doesn't have to be applied. It can be like a place in nature that you love to go, [00:28:00] or that has, say for example, sometimes, we're on vacation and we're having just such a beautiful time at a particular beach or in a particular park and so on. Just beaming Reiki or having a lovely Gassho meditation out in nature to just feel, see, and sense, and be. And merge almost with this natural environment around you to send Reiki to that space is a lovely way of honoring and showing your appreciation for that space that's there. And I feel like the Reiki principles also help us to see that too.

So as Reiki practitioners, we're already in that mindset of sharing and being appreciative and compassionate to the environment and to plants and people and animals around us. 

Pam: I love that. I think that's fantastic. I know that when my husband and I walk, it's funny, we each have a tree and they're just across the path from each other.

And there's something about those two particular trees that we [00:29:00] often stop and just wrap around them and ask if they would like Reiki. And they usually do. And  we spend a little bit of time with them. Not every time that we walk, but several times a week, we'll stop and say hello to them.  But I love that all of the things that you've suggested. Do all plants enjoy Reiki? I know it's something that I feel guided to ask.  When I used to teach my Reiki level one and two classes, I would often pick up a plant in my living room. And I'm much better at caring for my plants now, but I wasn't always. And I can remember that I would say " now, for instance, you can give Reiki to a plant and you can just go ahead and ask if they want Reiki."

And I would ask my plant if it wanted Reiki and I'd hear water. It needed water. And I'd say, okay ,  I guess I need to water it first and then I'll ask it again.  But do plants generally seem to [00:30:00] appreciate that reciprocal type of relationship? Do they appreciate being part of our medicine? Do they appreciate receiving Reiki from us?

Fay: I love your story. Cause I was going to say, sometimes the first thing  they don't necessarily want Reiki. They want water.  They want to be cared for.  Oftentimes,  they might just want to be safe. They might want to be seen. That recognition, it can sometimes  feel quite key.  What you shared there is Reiki is actually asking what is needed here? Because  it doesn't always have to be Reiki. Reiki is a beautiful gift that we can share. It's this beautiful high-frequency to bring into a space.

But it might not always be like the first thing that feels right. Though something I do love the fact that with Reiki, we are able to shift the frequency of spaces. And one thing I encourage my students to do is [00:31:00] to  looks at those spaces in our neighborhoods and communities that feel a little bit sad, that feel a little bit like neglected or downhill, the places where maybe suffering from poverty or  maybe there's a lot of trash in that area that are just like disregarded, overlooked by people. 

Those are the places that actually would really benefit from Reiki from a high frequency. From a shift in vibration. And so those are sometimes the places where we might want to focus our attention is that we get a bit sidetracked with  other areas, but the more we can send  this beautiful frequency of Reiki into those spaces in our community that really need it.  That's where we really start to see shifts and ripples across our neighborhoods and so on. So yeah. Always [00:32:00] ask what is needed. Ask what I can do for you? And feel it.  We want to feel for a response that feels good. And if the response feels good, then I would generally say, yeah, that plant wants to connect with you.

 It wants to receive Reiki. It wants to have a relationship with you. But they might not always want to have a relationship with you because we haven't necessarily got the best of track records with plants and places in nature. So we want to respect that too. We want to tread carefully with that and not barge in and be like, "oh no, I know best, this is what's needed here."

We want to really feel for it. But we can always, as part of our intention, if there's a part of us that wants to send Reiki, it still feels a little unsure. Then we can always send as part of our intention that we include you know "for the highest good of all beings and if that Reiki is not needed here or not wanted here, may it be saved by the earth or held  for a time and space when it will be required to when it will be needed."

So that's something that we can add to our intention to [00:33:00] make sure that  we're respecting. And ,  there's the boundaries and honoring this relationship that we're in. 

Pam: I love that. I know that when my husband and I needed to  make some posts. This was after I had learned Reiki. And before I'd learned Reiki, I never really thought of it much, but I felt so connected with the animals and the plants and the earth upon learning Reiki and receiving my connection, my attunements with the Reiki energy that I realized  "I can't just go cut a tree to, to make a post." So I started actually going out and asking and showing them, okay, this is what we're building, stalls for the horses. Would you like to be a part of that? And we did our best to only cut the trees that actually said yes, actually that sounds like a different perspective. And that sounds like fun.  And to leave the trees that wanted to stay put where they were. 

[00:34:00] Fay: Yeah, that's a lovely example of that respect.

And it's exactly the same. If you want to pick flowers for your treatment space, or if you wanted to say, make a herbal medicine  or, even pick some raspberries, cause you're making raspberry jam. If we pick these flowers and herbs and fruits with intention, if we're picking them,    I like to take the plant on a journey.

So we're picking from plants that know us that know our names and telling the plant the story of  what I like to do is I'd like to create this beautiful, delicious, raspberry jam with your wonderful fruits that I can share with my friends and my family. And boom, what a lovely intention and just feeling for that.

And oftentimes, just sensing the plant. They're not listening to your words.  They're sensing that vibration that is in your heart and in your being. And so it can be lovely if we are picking plants that we want to  place in our home or healing space, if we're explaining to the plant that they're [00:35:00] sharing in our journey. They're understanding the purpose. And then if they're willing, that's great. We feel that. And then if they're not willing,   we'll just get that impression or maybe not today and just move on somewhere else or shift into a different perspective.

And oftentimes allowing ourselves to be guided, opens ourselves up to to more inventive medicines, shall we say, and ways of doing things. And I know that whenever I'm making like a flower essence, for example, am I just allow myself to be guided? And so I have an idea. And then, when I'm out in the field, when I'm out harvesting ,  we'll see which plants come forward and actually will want to be part of that particular, creation that day.

So it's a really exciting process. It's like a co-creative process when we work with the elements around us like that. 

Pam: That's beautiful. I know that's actually how I work with my essential oils as well. I invite the guidance as to how to create them. And that makes a lot of sense. When I teach animal communication, one of the [00:36:00] things that I  really like to spend some time on is judgment.

And we do talk about eating meat because the animals have never said that they wanted us to stop eating meat. But I know some people have a very strong opinions about that. And it's something that I spent a lot of time with myself and I know my husband and I, we still eat fish, but we don't tend to eat other meat. But it's also something that I think everybody needs to make their own individual decision about.

So I spend a bit of time talking about that. And I remember as we were talking about that, saying "plants are people too, you know,becoming  vegetarian doesn't mean.... Because I considered that when I, okay, I'm going to be vegetarian, but I'm still killing plants. And yet there's this beautiful Native American  belief that [00:37:00] I share with people.  And  it pertained to animals, but I think it also would stretch into the realm of plants as well, that basically some animals, Native Americans, when they would hunt would ask the spirit of the moose or the bear or the deer, or the fish, whatever they were hunting, they would say, I need to feed my family.

Would whatever animal that wishes to step forward and offer themselves step forward. And this is where they felt that some of their success in hunting came from. And there was this belief that as we consumed  that animal, then their essence merged with ours and they got to experience what it was to be human in a sense. Do you get the sense with plants as well? 

Fay: Oh, I love that perspective. That's a lovely story. Yeah, [00:38:00] it's funny many students when they started to follow my courses or maybe read one of my books are like, oh my goodness. And  I've been contacted by many who get really worried about suddenly eating plants. And it does make me laugh cause yeah, obviously  we're worried about, animal  welfare and so on, but yeah, when you start to realize the intelligence and wisdom that there is in the plant kingdom, you go, huh. And it challenges many  of your morals and  what you thought was okay. And what's not okay. 

 And I find it really funny actually cause it's all a case of perspective, isn't it?  But I think your story highlights that if we're living with respect with our natural environment and we're honoring the energies, all of the animals, the plants, the birds, and so on around us, then that's a harmonious way to live.

We do have to live. We can't survive on air alone. So that's the ideal that we're looking for. That's the balance that we want to bring in. And like I had [00:39:00] never actually really thought about it from that perspective of the plant, getting to have a human experience through you,   I'm going to really tune into that because  that really feels right for me from what you've just said, but I hadn't really ever considered that perspective.

So thank you so much. I'm going to really feel that, whenever I never I'd take a tincture or a plant essence, you feel it and you welcome it into your body. We can do this. Even if we have a cup of coffee in the morning, you don't have to just drink herbal tea and everything to be into plants, tea and coffee are plants too.

Pam: They're all plants.  

Fay: They're all plants and they're all part of an amazing journey. So just honoring that and yeah, I actually love that perspective. In that plant, the opportunity to be in your body and experience what it's like to be you is quite an interesting one. But yeah, that's what we're doing whenever we're ingesting a plant or we're cooking or making a supper for ourselves.

We're merging with that plant and we're making that plant [00:40:00] part of our human journey. So that's actually a wonderful way to honor the plant medicine and yeah, thanks for sharing that. That's really cool to bring that perspective. 

Pam: Thank you. It made me think of it when you mentioned, when you're picking flowers or picking berries, tell them what you're doing with them.

And I have to admit that I hadn't thought about that with berries and  I should.   We have a beautiful blueberry field  on our property, across the road from us. And I think the next time I pick blueberries, I'm going to do that. And the same with the flowers that I pick. I think that's a wonderful way to honor them. So thank you.  Is there anything else Fay, before we move into our meditation that you'd like to share with the listeners?

Fay: Just really to share that one of the biggest feedback that I get from clients,  is after doing a course with me or reading my book, or even just, listening to say one of my videos [00:41:00] on YouTube, they start to practice and they feel so much more confident with their intuition and their kind of ability to connect with plants.

So I just really wanted to share with all the listeners, that  it's not like this extra special skill that only certain people have. We all have this ability to connect with plants. To communicate with plants. To intuitively feel and receive their guidance and work with them. And we'll all do this in a myriad of different ways.

If it's something that excites you. If you feel, joyful about plants. If you love nature and you just feel that they have messages and guidance to share with you, then lean into that and know that you can do it. And Reiki is your perfect tool for helping you move through any of the resistance or any blocks that you have around feeling that you can't do it. Or that you're not confident with it. Or that you [00:42:00] don't know how. That's what I wanted to just share at the end.

 You can do it. You've got, all the tools already that set you up on your path. So you've just got to  get your coat and get outside and start connecting with those plants because it's not going to happen if you're just stuck inside. Go and get out and reach out to the plants and start to make those connections.

And then they'll just whoomp. As soon as you open the door, they come right in. 

Pam: I love that. I love that. Thank you. Okay. You're going to lead us on a beautiful meditation today that allows us to connect with the earth and the plants and to both send and receive Reiki energy from them. Before we begin, though, anybody who's driving, I just want to invite you to hit, pause, or pull over to the side of the road someplace safe, where you can listen to the meditation.

These sometimes go very deep and we care about you. We don't want you to [00:43:00] get hurt while you're driving. So Fay, I wonder if you would lead us in that meditation today?

Yeah. Thank you.  

Fay: So everybody, please join me now in Gassho. So just place your hands together, gently in front of your heart and close your eyes.

Now I'm actually seated on a chair with my feet on the floor. So if you can place your feet on the floor, uncrossed, just place them in front of you on the floor. That's wonderful. If not, if  you're lying down, that's okay, too. But if you've got your feet on the floor, that is how we're going to connect with the earth.

So just relaxed breathing and call Reiki into your space. If you haven't already, invite Reiki to flow through you. And you can call forward those symbols. If you've been attuned [00:44:00] to Reiki level two and above, whichever symbols feel like they want to come through. Just invite those to be with you in the energy.

And you're going to start to really breathe down into the belly, into that Dantien Elixer field. That is a couple of fingers below the belly button. So breathing into that space. And then as you breathe out, just allow yourself to relax a little bit more into this space, knowing that each time you breathe in, you're breathing in the beautiful transformative high-frequency of Reiki.

And as you breathe out, just let everything else go.

Just breathing in. And then as you breathe out, just relaxing and letting everything [00:45:00] go. And you're probably beginning to feel yourself filling up with Reiki and we know and trust that Reiki will flow exactly where it needs to go for your highest good and the highest good of all beings.

And just bringing your attention to the soles of your feet. And if they're placed on the floor in front of you, then I'd like you to bring particular attention to a point which is on the balls of your feet, in the center of your balls of your feet. And from that point, just imagine a lovely, large roots traveling deep down into the center.

And if you're lying down or you're seated, you might want to imagine roots, golden roots traveling down into the earth. And these  roots hold you into the earth. And they [00:46:00] also help activate a release and restore channel. So this is what we're activating right now. And as we breathe, we are releasing into the earth, anything that we don't need, and we're inviting the earth to transform that and take that from us.

And then as we breathe in, we are breathing in the restorative nourishment, energizing earth energy. So feel that coming up through your roots and through the soles of your feet or your sit bones and feel that entering into your body. So releasing, breathing out, feeling the energy flow down the back of your body, down the backs of your legs and through the soles of your feet, into the earth.

I'm breathing in [00:47:00] all the way from the heart of the earth, breathing in through your golden roots, up through the different layers of the earth, into the soles of your feet and feeling that energy. That energizing frequency from the earth flow all the way throughout your body. Just feeling into this connection, allowing your breath to flow in a relaxed way, relaxing your belly, knowing that as you breathe out, you are releasing and allowing that to release through the soles of your feet, through your roots, into the earth, knowing that each time that you breathe in you're breathing in this energizing frequency, this nourishment, this connection to the earth.

This connection that we always have, and we are just remembering and honoring this connection. [00:48:00] And so what I'd like to invite you to do now is to move your hands away from Gassho and you just want to have them in front of you. I've got mine bent at the elbows, and I'm placing my palms as if they're hovering above the earth.

So I've got my arms bent at my waist and my palms are out in front of me with my palms facing down. And I am beaming Reiki into the earth. 

So now as I am breathing and receiving, I am breathing out Reiki through the palms of my hands, into the earth. So I'm breathing in receiving the nourishment and the support. The energy from the earth. And I'm breathing out knowing that Reiki is flowing through me, through my hands, into the earth. And if you are lying [00:49:00] down, you might even want to place your hand on to the earth.

If you are seated in a cross-legged position on the floor, you might want to touch the earth, but I am seated in a chair. So my hands are just hovering, waist height. My palms are just facing down towards the earth. And it is my intention that the earth is receiving Reiki, healing, energy, or the highest good of all beings. 

So just breathing and receiving here. You're still receiving. You've still got that channel activated. So still able to release energy, which isn't serving you. You're still receiving through those roots, this nourishment and love and support from the earth. And you are beaming and offering Reiki through the palms of your hands, down [00:50:00] into the earth.

So it's a beautiful circuit that we have created. And now, what we're going to do is you're going to turn your left Palm to face upwards. And this time is beaming Reiki. It is making a connection up to the heavens. To the Divine. To the cosmos. And this is beaming Reiki up into the causal. Up to source. And the right palm is beaming down into the earth.

in fact, it feels more like I am receiving now through my left hand, this is how I'm feeling it. I'm feeling like I'm receiving into this [00:51:00] left hand and I'm giving through the right hand. That is how I'm feeling this. So however you feel it, you might feel like you were beaming upwards with Reiki and then down into the earth with the right hand, or you might feel that you were receiving from the earth with your right hand or receiving with the left hand. See what you feel.

I feel like I am receiving with the left from the cosmos and I feel like I am giving with my right. This is helping us to balance, and this is  really helping us to remember that we're the bridge between heaven and earth. We are where the magic happens. We are the dance. We are the dance.

And what I'm going to invite each to now is to switch upon. So the left Palm faces down. And when I do that, I definitely feel like I am giving Reiki [00:52:00] into the earth and the right Palm is facing up. And just see what that feels like to you. Does that feel like you're receiving from the heavens or does that feel like you are giving. To me, it feels like I am receiving. Just noticing what feels right for you.

And you might want to practice by turning actually both palms, upwards and feel what that feels like. Does that feel like you're giving? Does that feel like you're receiving? How are you balancing that there? What feels right? Find a way for your palms to feel, in right relationship with the energies of heaven and earth.


And just breathing, receiving, knowing that Reiki is flowing for your highest good. For the good of all [00:53:00] beings. Reiki is going where it's needed. You are alive with energy. Alive, with Reiki. And you're connected to the heavens, and you are connected to the earth. And you are this beautiful dance between heaven and earth.

So now I just like to invite you to place your hands on your heart, or if there's any other area of your body that feels like it wants to really receive love and connection, then place your hands there.

And feel into your heart and open your heart to and ask yourself, what does that mean? What does it mean to me to be the dance between heaven. And asking what is it that I can do

to bring more of this into my life?

To [00:54:00] be more of a dance between heaven and earth.

Okay. Just breathing and receiving here. Relaxing and allowing Reiki to flow. Your question will be answered after a time. Reiki will continue to flow long after you have finished this meditation.

And I'd just like to invite you now to place those hands back in Gassho

We're going to complete the meditation. And I just want to remind you that even though you're going to get up and walk away and move, you're still connected to the earth, your roots still connected deep down into the [00:55:00] center. And even though you move, you are still connected to the cosmos to everything. Because you're being with this earth.

And you are the dance. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you everybody.

We've come to the end of the meditation. So thank you to Reiki. Make sure you take a deep breath and have a sip of water and literally feel fully grounded before you go back into your busy day. Thank you. 

Pam: Well Fay, I want to thank you for being with us this week and sharing this. And I want to take a moment to thank the listeners for tuning in and spending the time with us.

I hope that as we go forward, we can be in gratitude and appreciation for the plants. Thank you. Namaste.